Thursday, August 11, 2011

She's alive!

I am still around - keeping busy with work and stitching and reading other's blogs. I need to get more disciplined about staying in touch.

Tax season is long past, but still there are tax returns on extension (which is good for the checkbook) and other work to do. A hot, lazy summer has only added to my laziness. Oh....and a new Kindle, which has increased my reading time. There's still a pile of paperbacks and hardbacks calling my name, but the e-reader is certainly easier to carry and hold.

Our son moved to St. Simon's Island GA in July and that added to confusion and time as he needed help packing up the apartment and oh yes..bringing furniture back home that wasn't destined for the move, but also wasn't ready for donation. We're very glad that he's now an Assistant Professor of English at Coastal George College, but he's also 800 miles away. And I don't fly. Hard to let them go so far away.

I have one meager posting today - my squares received from Marcy M from PA in the Fair and Square exchange. She dyed the fabric with Rit blue denim dye and did this cute snowman for me in hardanger. ::sigh:: Someday I'll learn how to do that too. If only you could see how beautiful her stitching is in person - truly lovely!!

Have other finishes and postings - will try to do that over the weekend. I am currently working on old WIP's and will be starting the Mystery SAL with Carol R from iStitch. Also have a class project for a fall retreat, but still figuring out where to begin stitching! Looking forward to meeting up with Lee and Carol tomorrow for some stitching and a general catching up.



  1. Good to see a post from you! Cute squares! Have fun with Lee and Carol!!

  2. On'y 800 miles....seems like it should be farther. Not *that* "should be" -- the other one -- oh heck.

    Have fun with your Kindle, the "new" furniture, and hopefully a change in the weather for the better.

    Glad to have you back!

  3. So good to spend the afternoon with you and Lee, Linda... Thanks again for the lovely needleminder--I love it!

    The squares from Marcy are gorgeous!

    Now get started on that class project piece :)

  4. Hi Linda! Been thinking about you! Great news about your son's job but yes, it is so far away. Aren't the e-readers completely addicting? How can a device that has us all reading more be bad?