Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some stitching to show

One of my favorite designers is Carol from IStitch. In a recent exchange with Marcy for the Fair and Square group, I stitched "SEW FORTH" by Carol. It was pastel, sampler like and just called to me based on what Marcy wrote that she liked. I stitched with the HDF just as Carol called for and I couldn't be happier with the finish. The back square was kept simple with just our initials and three hearts.

Last week was certainly different - first the tremors from earthquake, which I felt in Pittsburgh and then Hurricane Irene wrecking havoc on millions of people. In the midst of this, we were in central PA at the annual Corvette show with our dear friends from Massachusetts. Due to the weather, they headed home on Saturday instead of Sunday, but not before I had 3 full days of one-on-one with their sweet 5-year-old daughter Rebecca. What a blessing to have a child put their arms around you and tell you she loves you.

And what a blessing - our family and friends who were in the path of Irene are safe with minimal damages.



  1. Hugs and love from kids are like nothing else. they have a magical power to make everything right in the world.

  2. I love everything about that little sampler! The design, the's just wonderful. I would have had a difficult time putting it in the mail.

    I'm looking forward to Sept 9! Are we still on? I hope so!

  3. Your little Sew Forth sampler is delightful, Linda--gorgeous color choices :)