Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picture Time

I signed up for Up for the Challenge - to finish WIP's in 2011. I did name 15, which is more or less about what's there that I really want to see done. The oldest is The Barnraising, which is a MLI design. As you can see Ruth, the barn is done - it's the men and women that need done!!

The Cleveland design is from Oberlin Stitches and has Cleveland landmarks around the letters tha spell out the city where I was born. As I mentioned before, this is for a woman I went to school with in Cleveland and now lives in Australia. She and I re-connected several years ago through the Internet. The backstitching and confetti stitches made me put it in the drawer.

And last is a street scene from Bethany Beach DE - from the LNS there. My secretary and I each are doing one side of the street for a mutual friend who loves to vacation there. This will be the LAST time I stitch on Cork linen - trust me!
Next time - some finishes!

Stay warm and safe.