Monday, March 7, 2011

Six weeks to go

For 42 years, I've spent the first 3-1/2 months of each year doing income taxes and by the beginning of March, go into count-down mode. Six weeks from today is the absolute deadline without extension to file 2010 tax returns. Yes, that date is April 18 and not April 15. Is the IRS being generous to us? - NO! It seems that April 16 is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia, and is officially a holiday only in DC. Since IRS is headquartered in DC, they will observe the holiday on Friday, April 15. So since the IRS is closed on the 15th, the next business day is the 18th and that's when tax returns are due. The best part of this year is that Easter is after April 15, which means I get to enjoy and participate more fully. Small things mean a lot when you are buried in tax returns and being the bad message bearer!

I've been stitching a little on small things for gifts and actually have something to show - but forgot to take a picture. Hopefully I can post something later in the week. Stitching is my stress-reliever that's for sure.

With the sad news of Lisa Roswell's passing last week, it surely makes you think about how quickly life can change for all of us. She continues to be in my thoughts, even though I never met her. I knew I had bought a few of her designs so last night I went stash diving. I bought one piece last fall - I was drawn to it by the alphabets (I love them) and the simple but poignant message.....Let Your Life Speak. From all that was written about Lisa in the past week, I think she did just that.

Have a good week. Be safe and well my friends.



  1. Well, not to wish away the valuable time that you need to finish all those returns, but tax season needs to hurry up and end so that you can be free for a get together soon!

  2. I'm in countdown mode too! Tax season is really cutting into my stitching time his year. However I have a real great group of friends that moved our weekly stitch day to Sunday so that I could join in. Sunday seems to be the only day I manage to find the needle and thread!

    Hope the rest of your season is a smooth one!